Last Tuesday, the General Assembly reached its halfway point, known as “crossover”. Fortunately, our legislative agenda continues to move forward and that this point we have seen several bills pass both the House and the Senate. The most recent update to our legislative agenda is attached.

Over the past week PWAR members continued their advocacy efforts by joining hundreds of REALTORS from across the state at the Virginia REALTORS annual Economic and Advocacy Summit. The summit lasted three days and offered REALTORS the opportunity to learn more about the value of RPAC, hear from several keynote speakers including the Governor, and to meet with state representatives from their region. We are excited to report that during the summit, PWAR also received an RPAC award for exceeding both participation and major investor goals. We intend to do even better this year!

METRO continues to be a key focus for PWAR and REALTORS throughout Northern Virginia. Legislators throughout the region highlighted the importance of identifying a dedicated revenue source at the summit. Representatives from PWAR and other REALTOR associations held private meetings with key legislators on the House Appropriations Committee and the patron of the House bill during the past week and will continue to meet with legislators over the next four weeks. This Sunday, both the House Appropriations Committee and the Senate Finance Committee will meet to take the next step in finalizing their respective budgets. We will have more to report on that next week.

Listed below are several resources to help you navigate the legislative session. You will find resources to help determine who your elected representative is and how to contact them, how to determine who serves on which committees, as well as when our legislative priorities will be considered. If you care to do so, you can even watch online as these meetings take place!

Brendon Shaw serves as our full-time representative in Richmond and advocates on our behalf. Should you have any questions about legislation, the legislative process, or Virginia REALTORS legislative priorities, he can be reached by email at

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