REALTOR® Association of Prince William (PWAR) is run by an all-volunteer board of local members. To date, all PWAR board members have been solicited by nominations, often recruited after volunteering for an event or serving on a committee. Until Wednesday, August 1, PWAR will be soliciting nominations for new board members. By nominating yourself or someone else, you can help guide the activities of our association!

What we’re looking for
This year, we are soliciting nominations for the following:

  • One (1) President-Elect
  • Two (2) Vice Presidents
  • Four (4) Directors
  • One (1) Commercial
  • One (1) Industry Appropriate

PWAR board members will receive training at our mandatory orientation prior to the January board meeting and throughout the year with guidance from more senior board members. Because of this, our search focuses on candidates with valuable soft skills (teamwork, communication, flexibility, patience, time management, motivation).

It’s important that the PWAR board be diverse and represent the Prince William, Manassas, and Manassas Park community. We aim to have a board with diversity in industry, age, gender, professional experience, race, background, education, income, physical ability, and more. That said, we will not pry for personal information.

Important things to keep in mind while considering whom to nominate
In agreeing to serve on the board, one commits to serve for two years and to be responsible for acting as the Board Liaison to a committee. Board members may serve longer than two years.

Being a board member means one must be an ambassador of PWAR to members and non-members. The nominees must be (or become) PWAR members in good standing in order to serve on the board.

How to nominate yourself or someone else
Please complete and submit the Nomination Application for you or someone else.

What happens after you submit your nomination?
After you have submitted your nomination, you (or the individual you have nominated) will be contacted to set up a time to be interviewed, by the Nominating Committee, in early-August.

If you have any questions about the nominating process, please feel free to contact the following individuals;

Below is a list of various accompanying documents that list requirements, job descriptions, etc.

PLEASE NOTE: All applications are required to be submitted no later than midnight, August 1, 2018.