1. What does it mean when a listing is listed as Coming Soon?

Properties in the Coming Soon status are listings that are getting ready to be shown, but are not available for showing appointments yet.

 2. How long can listings be left in the Coming Soon status?

Listings can be left in the Coming Soon status for a maximum of 21 days. The listing will also display an Expected On Market Date, which is the first date that the property is available for showing.

3. Does Days on Market (DOM) accumulate when a listing is Coming Soon?

Listings do not accumulate DOM when in the Coming Soon status. This gives the listing agent time to generate excitement about the property while the walls are being painted, or additional work is being completed to prepare the property for showings.

4. Can the listing be shown if it’s listed as Coming Soon?

No, the listing cannot be shown. However, a Buyer’s Agent, on behalf of the buyer, may submit an offer on the listing even if the buyer has not viewed the property. The Listing Agent is required to submit any offers to the seller in accordance with state licensing law.

5. Can the property be shown before the On Market Date?

Again, no. Should you and your seller decide to show a property before the On Market Date, the listing’s status must be changed to Active prior to the showing.

6. Are Coming Soon listings available on consumer websites?

Bright does not send Coming Soon listings to consumer websites. That’s why the best source of Coming Soon listings is in Bright MLS. Consumers looking for homes on the Internet will not see these listings without working with you.