Based on your feedback, Bright MLS is updating the Row/Townhouse Structure Type to make it easier to enter and search for properties according to your clients’ needs.

This change is expected to be live in the system beginning Tuesday, July 7.

“Row/Townhouse” will be relabeled “Interior Row/Townhouse” in Listing Management

Structure Type is a required field in Bright for Residential Sale, Residential Lease, and Multi-Family listings. To allow you to easily designate a row home or townhouse that is not an end unit using this field, the current “Row/Townhouse” option is being relabeled “Interior Row/Townhouse.”

Existing listings will be updated automatically

Listings that were entered as “Row/Townhouse” will now reflect “Interior Row/Townhouse.” Please note, this change will also apply to your draft listings.

We encourage you to check your listings once this update is made to ensure the information is reflected accurately. 

“Interior Row/Townhouse” will also be reflected in Search and reports

Soon it will be easier to filter your searches based on your buyers’ preferences. If your client is specifically looking for an end unit, End of Row/Townhouse allows you to narrow these listings accordingly. In order to search all townhouses and row homes, regardless of preference, you must select both options.

Saved searches and auto emails using the current “Row/Townhouse” option will be automatically updated to reflect “Interior Row/Townhouse.” If you want end units to be included in your search results, make sure the “End of Row/Townhouse” option is also selected under Structure Type.

Please check your saved searches and auto emails to make sure they are returning the results you want after this update is released on July 7. 

The following reports and displays will be updated to reflect the new “Interior Row/Townhouse” label in Search:

  • Agent/Client Full
  • Agent/Client Gallery
  • Agent/Client Synopsis

 An email and additional information will be sent next week when the change is available in Bright.