A message from Bright MLS:

Many of you experienced issues over the last week with Bright Listing Management. We understand the importance of Listing Management to your business. To that end, we wanted to provide an update and explanation of what was happening behind the scenes.

We have been successfully migrating applications and services to the Cloud on an ongoing basis since last year. This is a large initiative, and is necessary to provide a Multiple Listing Service that is available when you need it with the more advanced tools and features your business needs.

After several successful cutovers, Listing Management was moved to the Cloud Monday evening and tested. This revealed issues with the application, causing Listing Management to be unavailable for a portion of Tuesday. Temporary solutions were put in place Tuesday and Wednesday that restored access but created additional issues as the technical teams moved between the cloud service and physical servers.

We believe these issues are now resolved. However we continue to closely monitor the situation and encourage all agents who made listing updates throughout this time to confirm their listing information is accurate.

We understand how inconvenient this has been and do apologize for any disruption it may have caused.

While the last few days have come with challenges, we still believe moving the services to the Cloud is the right thing for the company, our network and most of all you, our subscribers. We will share more proactive updates around this work over the coming days and weeks.

We will continue to keep you updated on the status of Listing Management at  www.brightmls.com/systemstatus.