This week Bright MLS had the first release as part of their current 8-week release cycle. As they worked to plan this cycle and what would be included, they knew that there were changes and updates they’d make to the system. But the overall focus needed to be on the critical things that matter most to Bright subscribers – reliable listing and public record information and the ability to access that information whenever and wherever – system stability and data integrity.

That means much of the “heavy lifting” is behind the scenes. The Bright MLS teams are testing the capacity of the system to handle increased activity. They have begun a full data audit of their public records information. And they continue to make changes to correct the issue of extended Cumulative Days on Market (CDOM) on some listings.

Bright MLS looks forward to updating you on the progress of these items, and sharing what they’re planning next as their teams begin to look ahead to the next 8-week cycle.

As always, important updates from this week are listed below and we welcome your feedback, comments and suggestions on their journey to deliver the best MLS experience in the industry and look forward to hearing from you.

Recent updates and system changes for this week

Here are the changes that were made this week:

  • Listing alerts now are displayed on the Bright dashboard. Alerts have been added to the Bright dashboard that will remind subscribers when their listings are about to close, are past their closing date, or are about to expire. These alerts make it easier to track and quickly update important dates and information.  Learn more about this change here.
  • Subscribers can enter an alphanumeric Unit Number when performing a Tax Record search in Listing Management. For example: 24B
  • When entering a Land listing, Heating Type no longer autofills from the Tax Record. In addition, past Land listings have had Heating Type information removed.
  • Lot Size Dimensions and Land Use Code now autofill from the Tax Record, if available in a property’s Tax Record.
  • A past-due invoice popup and alert now display when a subscriber has an invoice that is 40 days or more past due to remind them to pay your invoice.

Looking ahead to next week

In your update next week, Bright MLS will be sharing:

  • What’s coming: An update on what is expected to be released the week of March 11.
  • Days on Market (DOM) and Bright Statuses: DOM, CDOM and Bright statuses continue to be a point of confusion for many subscribers. Next week, we’ll share additional resources, graphics and handouts to help answer questions and alleviate confusion on these topics.
  • Industry Update: Bright execs will share the news and changes they are watching in the real estate industry and beyond, as the spring market begins.

More info!

Click here to view the PowerPoint presentation detailing status updates on the list of known issues, as well as the latest priorities and estimated timelines.

For more information, please visit the Bright MLS home page.