Greetings, and Happy Friday!

Here are updates on several Bright activities:

Social Media Efforts: As of last week, Jay Thompson has come onboard to aid us with Bright’s social media engagement efforts, His name may sound familiar. Jay is a licensed broker, popular speaker, member of NAR Member Communications Committee, current Inman News weekly columnist, past member of NAR Multiple Listing Issues and Policies Committee and recognized often in numerous “Top influencer” lists (Inman News, Swanepoel Power 200, etc). He was the Director of Industry Outreach for Zillow where he spent seven years advocating for agents and brokers and enabling Zillow to better understand the needs of their Realtor community.

We are determined to provide everyone with a forum for discussion and we’ve empowered Jay to act as the advocate for you on social media to ensure we continue to improve and enhance your experiences with Bright.

As part of this effort with Bright, Jay has helped us launch a Bright Community private Facebook group. This is a two-way platform where we will share with you, and you can share with us. A central place to exchange tips and tricks, provide and receive help, and give constructive feedback to Bright.

Here’s an article about the group you can share with your members: and that they can use to join. A group admin will approve your request as quickly as possible. To expedite the approval process, please complete the questions.

Difference Between “Withdrawn” and “Canceled”: The difference between Bright’s ‘withdrawn’ status and ‘canceled’ status has created a fair amount of questions – some generated by the intended use and some generated because ‘withdrawn’ means something different in Bright than it did in So, what’s the difference between Cancelled and Withdrawn: and how do each of the statuses impact the Days On Market calculations:

Customer Support: While support volume continues to be high the number of calls and emails were down last week.   Compared to the prior week,  there was a 12% reduction in calls and a 24% reduction in incoming support email.  The average wait time for a call was 07:47 (prior week was 10:28), and the longest wait time was 25:54 (prior week was 48:23). To address the continued high contact volume, and in anticipation of the brisk volume continuing through the Spring market, the Customer Support group has brought on 13 new Support Center Specialists who are anticipated to complete their training and prepared to assist customers in the next several weeks.

Listing Alerts: Next week, listing agents will begin to receive alerts on their Bright dashboard when their listings are about to close, past their closing date, or about to expire.

View recent and upcoming system changes: As you know, we regularly add new features and functionality based on feedback and planned additions. You and your members can view a summary of the upcoming and recent changes through this link: