For those of you who may be fielding questions related to your Association’s Awards program, the process to enter a ‘comp’ listing where the listing agent is not a Bright subscriber – usually new construction, but not always – the process has been streamlined:

  1. Start entering the listing according to the usual process.
  2. When presented with the option, select ‘for comparable purposes’. ‘Comp’ listings may only be entered if the listing agent was not a Bright subscriber, if the property was not listed in the MLS, or if it was subject to an open listing agreement. Listing Agents may not receive credit for listings that were never originally actively marketed in the MLS system.
  3. The system will default the listing agent to ID “12345 Non Subscriber”
  4. Complete entering the listing, and include the correct info for the “Selling Agent Subscriber ID” when prompted.
  5. ‘Publish’ the listing.

For more information from Bright MLS’s website, click here.