Next week changes will be made to note the original status in a listing’s history. This new information will show on the history report. It will also have an effect on any new or saved Hot Sheet and Market Watch Reports.

What happens now?

Currently, a listing is marked as a new listing in its history when it’s entered into Bright. The original status does not show in the history and the listing will appear in the Hot Sheet and Market Watch report as a “new listing”.

Because of the way this works, some listings were suppressed from these reports to give precedence to Active listings, on-market listings.

Starting next week, Hot Sheet and Market Watch Reports will be able to be customized by New Active and Coming Soon statuses, as well as the previously available indicators.

All of your currently saved Hot Sheet and Market Watch Reports, where New Listing was selected will be updated to include New Active. Once the change is live, you will be able to adjust the criteria and add Coming Soon or other Change Types.

In addition, comp listings entered as Closed will now appear under Closed, instead of New Listing.

This article is originally from Bright MLS.