Bright MLS recently issued the following update to shareholder associations:

Good afternoon Shareholders,

We have been very busy with lots of change this week, but we continue to move forward, implementing updates that you and your members are requesting.

Our goal with these updates is to provide you with the necessary information to communicate with your members about how Bright and our Shareholder Associations are working together to improve the MLS. You will receive these updates weekly.

Our current focus as an organization is:

    1. to continuously improve Customer Support and the MLS experience for subscribers
    2. the quality and timeliness of our data
    3. working with each and every one of you to listen, learn and adapt to the rapidly evolving marketplace we live in.
    4. connecting with each of our staff members and focusing on the “mission” to improve the MLS experience

Leadership changes

    1. You can view the recent announcement about Tom Phillips here.
    2. Information about technology and industry experts Frank Major and Mark Lesswing is available here.

Improvements to Customer Support

    1. Substantially increase of capacity in Customer Support. We are taking significantly more calls now than spring market last year, and we are continuing to staff up to meet the increased demand. We are increasing the number of people who will be answering phones, emails and chats. We recently added 20+ representatives to start taking calls.
    2. Launch Self-Service knowledgebase to find answers on-demand. Busy real estate professionals don’t work regular business hours. They want the answers they need when they need them, whether that’s at 3:00 am or on a national holiday. Our new online knowledgebase is available whenever they need it at

Recent system release highlights

    1. Gallery Report Reports added for Residential Sale
    2. Listing Performance Reports
    3. Updates to the process for entering Comparable listings
    4. Fixes to Financial Calculators

View the full list of changes in the Release notes here.