Bright MLS product teams are busy every day working to implement usability changes, add new features and fix issues within the Bright system. Over the last few weeks, Bright MLS teams devoted a large portion of their work to investigating the root cause of and fixing issues that had been escalated through support and other channels.

This resolution went beyond fixing individual issues, like a missing field on a report. Data teams rapidly investigated the issue, and worked to address the root cause so it would not happen again to other listings.

While their staff works daily to make the MLS better for all subscribers, they believe this renewed dedication and focus from our development and product teams will continue to substantially improve their subscribers’ experience within the system.

This week’s update provides you with much needed updates including:

  • Bright’s Customer Coaching Team
  • The Listing Performance Report
  • Coming Soon Listings
  • Broker Rewards distributions
  • NAR’s recent Antitrust lawsuit

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Bright’s Customer Coaching Team

As part of their ongoing commitment to work closely in the field with agents, teams, admins and their brokerage firms, Bright is continuing to upgrade its Customer Coaching (formerly known as Champion) Team. Led by newly-hired industry veteran, Senior Regional VP Jody Donaldson, a team of four Regional VP’s and 13 Customer Success Coaches will dedicate themselves to the continuous improvement of the Bright customer experience. The team will be very active this spring in your local markets and will be in touch regarding training and communication needs for your members.

Broker Rewards distributions expected to be sent next week

Bright Broker Rewards is one of the tangible ways Bright MLS thanks brokers for their hard work in ensuring the listings entered by their agents are accurate and up-to-date. Early next week they will email eligible brokers directly with information about the Bright Broker Rewards program. The credits and checks will be sent out starting next week. If you have any questions on this program or how brokers qualify to receive rewards, contact your Bright RVP for more information.

Update on antitrust class action complaint

Bright issued a Shareholder update on Tuesday regarding the antitrust class action complaint. The complaint alleges that the defendants, in conspiracy with associations and MLSs, violated the antitrust laws by requiring listing brokers to make a unilateral offer of compensation through the MLS. The complaint asserts that the requirement of an offer of compensation precludes an alternative system in which buyers would pay their own real estate agent’s fees.

Bright is not named as a defendant, but Bright is referenced in the complaint as one of the MLSs involved in requiring brokers to make offers of compensation. We disagree with the complaint’s allegations and are proud to facilitate cooperation and compensation in what is widely acknowledged to be an efficient, competitive marketplace.

Recent updates and system changes for this week

  • Listing Performance Report: Updates were incorporated to the Listing Performance Reports and Market Performance Reports.Learn more about these reports.
  • Sphere IDX: Sphere IDX is now an option to purchase through Bright. Learn more about the Sphere product here.
  • Mapping and data corrections: Updates to listing fields and information that were incorrectly mapped into Bright from TREND and MRIS were made.