As you know, a lot of changes are happening at Bright. Of course, many of these changes are requests from you based on your day-to-day work in the system. Every week we’ll share some of the recent changes we’ve made.

We’ve recently added additional support staff, which have significantly decreased call wait times. In addition, here are 5 changes we made this week to search and report:

  1. We added a new report agent production report called “ Agent Awards Report”. It allows agents to use a custom time-period and generate a report with all their production and calculated volume, grouped by property type. Learn more about this report.
  2. A different disclaimer is now showing on the CMA based on the state of the subscriber’s office.
  3. Block and Lot were added to the Agent and Client Full Reports.
  4. Directions has been added to the Client Full and Portal displays.
  5. Listings associated with inactive offices were not showing in an agent’s inventory. These listings are now showing in the agent’s inventory.

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