Prince William County conducts a biennial Community Survey, which provides reliable and valid data to help guide strategic decisions made by the Board of County Supervisors.​

The survey also provides:

  • valid insights from a representative sample on performance
  • reliable indicators of public support for proposed policies and initiatives
  • information about changes in demographics and attitudes
  • information which can help influence budget and resource allocation decisions



The demographic and economic quarterly newsletter was discontinued after the 2nd Quarter of 2016. If using data from these reports, always cite the data source and year. The source of these data points is not Prince William County. Rather, the source indicates where the data was originally posted, from agencies such as the U.S. Census Bureau or Bureau of Labor Statistics and is usually noted in the reports.

Quarter 1 – 2016

Quarter 2 – 2016 

Prince William County will be making changes to the ways in which demographic data are updated and presented. Additionally, county demography is now located in the Department of Information Technology’s (DoIT) Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Division. These changes will occur incrementally between September 2016 and into the early months of 2017. Slight changes will also be applied to the quarterly population estimate calculations in order to better pinpoint the total number of residents living in the county. 

Source: Prince Wiliam County Government, Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Division