For the first time in a long time I drove through Loudoun County during the day. When I moved to Northern Virginia in late 1992, a trip through Loudoun County was much like being in New England. Open fields, crops growing and animals enjoying the sunshine. Fast forward to 2024. Widespread housing development has pushed Loudoun population growth and high technology jobs have driven the county income to one of the highest levels in the nation.

What has been the cost for the county? Data Centers have filled many of these wide open spaces. These data centers pay taxes that help ensure the county has the resources necessary to keep up with the ever increasing demand for county services.

Here in Prince William County we are several years behind Loudoun County in the scope of our data center development. The Association county has the opportunity to help the county develop a rational plan to harness our desirability for future data centers.

Prince William County needs to learn the lessons from the growth in Loudoun data centers. Fortunately, the Board of Supervisors is engaged on many levels of planning, housing and community development that are designed to help the community make good choices.

PWAR has been involved in a myriad of meetings with county officials and other community organizations to help address the issues of growth, housing and economic development.

If you want to be involved in helping shape the future of Prince William County, get involved by attending our meeting with Board of Supervisors Chair Deshudra Jefferson on July 3rd, 9:30 AM at PWAR Headquarters. Reserve your spot here >

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