From Bright MLS:

As the spring market began approaching we heard that many subscribers had placed their listings in the Withdrawn status due to misinformation that the listing’s DOM/CDOM would reset on the 61st day. We understand that you and your clients were preparing to put these homes back on the market with the intent of resetting the DOM/CDOM.

To reset the DOM/CDOM, enter a new listing. Last night we made a temporary change that allows DOM/CDOM on newly entered listings to reset, where the previous listing was:

  • Withdrawn
  • Withdrawn and changed to Expired
  • Withdrawn and changed to Cancelled

The temporary change is only for existing listings that were put in these statuses while in the Bright system since October 1, 2018. This will remain in effect until April 30, 2019.

After April 30, the DOM/CDOM will only reset when the previous listing is Closed, or on the 61st day after it was Expired or put in the Cancelled status, as these are the only true final state statuses within Bright.

Please note: You need to enter a new listing to reset the DOM/CDOM. If you are putting your currently Withdrawn listing back to Active for the same MLS number, the DOM/CDOM will not reset. It will resume as appropriate for that individual listing.