Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Defining DEI

DEI is the intentional creation and cultivation of safe spaces that amplify, celebrate, and embrace the unique makeup of every individual, no matter their ethnic background, their sexual orientation, their body type, their disability, or their economic status.

The REALTOR® Association of Prince William strives to be a leader in supporting and encouraging diversity, equity, and inclusion in real estate. In this effort, the Diversity Group was established to monitor and develop this mission.


In principle and in practice, PWAR values and seeks diverse and inclusive participation of its membership in its programs, products, and services. PWAR promotes involvement and expanded access to membership and leadership opportunity regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, religion, age, sexual orientation, nationality, disability, appearance, geographic location, or professional level. The organization provides leadership, training, and resources to accomplish this objective.


The REALTOR® Association of Prince William Diversity Group exists to advance the following goals:

  • Increase association participation among diverse members at all levels of association involvement – local, State, and National.
  • Encourage all qualified members to pursue association leadership by helping clarify and communicate the process and value of being involved in PWAR leadership.
  • Integrate key stakeholder diversity groups into the life and mission of the association.
  • Expand awareness of the diversity of REALTORS® among consumers and community groups.
  • Have a positive impact on the cultural conversations related to diversity through education, exposure, and strategic partnerships.


Emma   Artis

Merlyn  Banks

Nguyen Banks

LuVerne Boes

Elsy-Rose Brazil

David Bridges

Jennifer Bridges

Dale Brundage

Margaret Burke

Marvette Cofield

Cathleen Connolly

William Coppa

Octavio Costa

Barbara Costa

Martha Eaheart

Aiyah Elrashidi

Alawia Emam

Victoria Esannason

Jim Evans

Mark Farag

Nancy Farischon

Irene Franklin

Deborah Ghassemi

Bradley Gibson

Pamela  Gillin

Ally Goldwater

Beth Grant

Tammy Gray

Dwayne Griese


Poppy Guo

Kourtney Harris

J. Michael Hill

Tara Houston

Carla Holmes

Robert Hummer

Tiffany Izenour

Nancy Jean-Louis

Eric Johnson

Cheryl Kenny

William Lacy

Laura Lamb

Zonia Leon-Garcia

Soky Losada

Bonita Love

Ann Mallory

Teresa Maloney

Wayne Mattson

Patrick McLaughlin

Leanna Mersing

Liss Metzler

Thomas Millar

Heather Miller

Patrick Mirzayan

Karvasha Mitchell

Yassah Moore

Tariq Moorehead

Cindy Mullins

Michele Odems

Ellen Orlanda

Carmela Patrick

Fatima Pereira

Denise Powers

Lisa Preston-Kenton

Yvonne Reed-Carlock

Stephanie Reynolds

Tatiana  Saldana Arias

Claudia Sarmiento

Meir Shvilberg

Harbir Singh

Lauren Smerbeck

Karen Smith

Wayne Steadman

Rebecca Straley

Jason Swaney

Stephen Tatum

Bouy Te

Tracy Terry

Christina Chapman Topoleski

Diane Varni

Jennifer Velesz

Kerry Vogel

Craig Wade

Larry Whitehead

David Woodman

Mark Worrilow

Angelo  Wright

Sally Wright

Abdullah Yousefi

State and National Resources

National Association of Realtors®
Check out NAR’s Fair Housing page complete with information on the Fair Housing Action Plan.  ACT emphasizes Accountability, Culture Change, and Training in order to ensure that American’s 1.4 million Realtors® are doing everything possible to protect housing rights in America.
Perception Institute
NAR has also partnered with the Perception Institute to offer implicit bias testing to help members identify where their unconscious biases might lie.  The term “implicit bias” describes when individuals have attitudes towards people or associate stereotypes with them without conscious knowledge.  Being aware of any implicit bias can help people avoid acting according to biases that are contrary to their conscious values and beliefs.
Korn Ferry: Race Matters Series
The Virginia Realtors® shared this powerful video series with all Associations to showcase how race and other differences still impact the lives of people in 2020.  Their website states that “while diversity and inclusion in the workplace have been championed in businesses across the globe, the reality is many people still are not treated equally and feel like they don’t have a voice. They earn less, are woefully underrepresented in top jobs, and struggle to get equal recognition and opportunity.”