Dotloop® Access Update for NVAR Forms

//Dotloop® Access Update for NVAR Forms

Dotloop® Access Update for NVAR Forms

As you may know, a change was implemented this week regarding access to NVAR forms through dotloop®. This security measure is intended to ensure that only Realtor® subscribers or their authorized designees have access to this proprietary professional resource.

Subscribers are now required to enter a valid NRDS ID. Because the authentication system only recognizes NVAR NRDS numbers, some of your members or their administrative assistants who wish to access our forms will need to obtain an invitation code from dotloop® customer service.

Subscribers should click on “Add Association” in their account, then type in “NVAR Non-Members.” They will be prompted for the invitation code. Additional details are available here:

Dotloop® customer service can be reached at:

1-888-dotloop (368-5667).

Members should contact their local association for assistance with NRDS IDs.

We hope that this has not caused undue confusion among your members. Please let us know if you have questions.

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