Vote, Act and Invest are the three pillars of advocacy used by NAR, Virginia REALTORS® and the REALTOR® Association of Prince William to make sure our members understand the importance of maintaining strong relationships with the government in Washington D.C., Richmond and here in Prince William County.


VOTE: While many Virginians have already cast their ballots by taking advantage of the early voting period from September 17th to October 30, 2021, hundreds of thousands of voters will make their way to the polls, today, to vote for Governor, Lt. Governor, Attorney General and Members of the Virginia House of Delegates.

First and foremost, PWAR encourages all members to vote in the election tomorrow.  Voting is the most basic and important element of the association’s advocacy efforts.  By exercising your right to vote you help determine who represents you in the House of Delegates and the state-wide races.

Not sure where to vote on Election Day? Visit the Prince William Election Site to find your polling place

PWAR is supporting candidates running for House of Delegates.  The legislative small group evaluated these candidates and found them to understand the critical role a vibrant and healthy real estate market plays in the economic health of Prince William economy. Help promote and protect real estate by considering these candidates.


PWAR Supported Candidates for House of Delegates

Delegate Candi Mundon King (2nd District)

Delegate Danica Roem (13th District)

Delegate Elizabeth R. Guzman (31st District)

Delegate Daniel I. Helmer (40th District)

Candidate Michelle Maldonado (50th District)

Candidate Briana Sewell (51st District)

Delegate Luke E. Torian (52nd District)

Delegate Suhas Subramanyam (87th District)

ACT: In addition to voting PWAR encourages all members to be active participants in advocacy efforts.  You can take part in several ways.  PWAR builds and maintains relationships with elected officials, regardless of political party affiliation, to promote and protect REALTOR®.  Advocacy efforts are a combination of member involvement, supporting candidates for election and re-election, and lobbying government officials.


INVEST: The REALTORS® Professional Advocacy Committee is a voluntary professional advocacy committee that identifies and invests in candidates for office who support the public policy goals of the REALTORS®.  RPAC is run by volunteer REALTOR® leaders from across the nation, the Commonwealth and here in Prince William County.

RPAC has one mission, investing in candidates for elected office who advance public policies to promote and protect strong communities, private property interests and a vibrant business environment.

When you receive your dues billing statement, please make the suggested investment. The simple reason is that throughout the pandemic, real estate offices have been open for business thanks to the advocacy efforts of Virginia REALTORS® and PWAR.

Submitted by

John DiBiase

PWAR Government Affairs Director