Great news! See the message from Bright MLS to see the important update about the Bright Off-MLS policy.

In order to encourage maximum compliance and minimum confusion for you regarding the Bright Off MLS policy, we have decided to postpone the issuing of fines from December 1, 2019 to February 1, 2020.

The practice of pocket listings remains one of the most pressing issues facing our industry today.  It withholds information from consumers, stifles competition in the marketplace, and disrupts cooperation between professionals – while also challenging the spirit of our fair housing laws.  We greatly appreciate your partnership so that together we can make pocket listings a thing of the past.

The policy officially was put into effect October 16 and it remains active today. We are currently monitoring and people considered in violation are being notified.  However, during this busy year-end time, we decided to concentrate on providing extra training and communication, while holding off on enforcement for two months.

This additional access to tools and information, combined with a wider window to gain working experience with the policy, should move us all toward our shared goal of implementation with as few penalties as possible.

Thank you again for your efforts on this matter.  We feel that this move is a common sense change that will help everyone feel more confident in their ability to adhere to this policy.

Learn more about the Off-MLS Policy at

Bright’s policy was created to address Pocket Listings, or listings sold off the MLS. The policy encourages access to maximum information. Consumers selling property benefit from the largest possible marketplace, and those buying encounter the largest selection of options.

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