WOODBRIDGE, VA– The Prince William County Green Business Council (PWCGBC) and the REALTOR® Association of Prince William (PWAR) have created the New Homeowner Environmental Resources Guide. The Guide consolidates local environmental sustainability information and resources for new, existing, and relocated homeowners in Prince William County. It includes information homeowners need to properly dispose of trash and hazardous household wastes, effectively recycle and compost, reduce litter and pollution in the County, as well as information on how to participate in community environmental volunteer events and opportunities.

“After making such an important investment, we want to help homeowners who are either first-time buyers, relocated, or new to Prince William County by providing them with environmental sustainability education, resources and tools that can help them be active stewards in their new neighborhood,” says April Thomas, CEO of PWAR. “We are proud to partner with the Prince William Green Business Council to take such a necessary step in caring for our environment and helping to keep our communities clean and green.”

“Our partnership with PWAR is the first of its kind and contributes to our environmental sustainability strategies across the County,” Chair of the Green Business Council Rico Fleshman says. “Not only does this allow realtors to provide valuable information to homeowners during the buying/selling process, it gives our residents useful tools to help them contribute to the County’s well-being in a meaningful way.”

The New Homeowner Environmental Resources Guide can be found electronically on the Green Business Council website and available in hard copy at their Woodbridge office and at PWAR’s Manassas office.

The REALTOR® Association of Prince William is a professional trade association in Prince William County. PWAR is a member of the Prince William County Green Business Council (PWCGBC) and leads the Realtor Sustainability Resources Group. Read more on PWAR at

The Prince William County Green Business Council engages businesses with local government, peers, civic and environmental organizations to inform and educate members on sustainability best-practices resulting in environmental responsibility and locally-informed community action. Read more on the Council at