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PL Agency: 9am – 12pm

Agency is the framework in which you represent the needs of buyers and sellers in transactions. Virginia Post-Licensing: Agency course outlines the representation options available to buyers and sellers, and it explains your required duties. This course also details the disclosures and agreements necessary when entering into agency relationships as well as the concepts involved in dual agency and designated agency.

PL Escrow: 1pm – 4pm

When handling the funds entrusted to you by others, you are constantly faced with decisions that will either increase or decrease your exposure to risk. With that being said, the proper handling of escrow funds is not only a fiduciary duty of real estate licensees, but it’s also the law, and it’s one of the 12 basic duties expected of all Virginia real estate licensees. Handling escrow funds must be done with the utmost care and integrity.

Course Highlights

  • Current processes and requirements involved in managing and accounting for escrow funds
  • The requirements involved in handling escrow accounts
  • How escrow funds work in the course of a real estate transaction
  • An overview of Virginia laws and regulations that apply to the handling of escrow funds
  • Best practices to avoid commingling funds and to avoid overages or shortages in escrow accounts
  • The differences between a deed of trust and a mortgage

Cost for whole session:
$50 | Active PWAR Members
$60 | Guests

Each class separately:
$30 |PWAR Members
$40 | Guests

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