Bright MLS New Agent Series

3 Classes, 1 Link!

Each class is one hour. Come for one, or stay for all!


9:00 a.m.Tools to Get Started with Bright MLS: Prior to your search and before adding a listing, we want to ensure that you are ready for success! This class will show you how to establish and manage your account. This class is recommended for new agents and anyone who needs a refresher.

You will learn the following:
◦ What is Bright MLS and what’s included with your subscription
◦ How to access and navigate Bright MLS
◦ How to set up your account, settings, and notifications
◦ The most important policies and rules to stay in compliance
◦ Where to find additional resources including education, training, and support

10:00 a.m.: Bright MLS Search Essentials: Want to learn how to search productively? In the is class you will learn how to search, share listings, and keep clients updated. You will also learn some time-saving tips and tricks.

You will be able to:
◦ Navigate and fully utilize the search menu
◦ Share and show results to your clients
◦ Access relevant reports
◦ Understand how to use partner and premium products in your home search

11:00 a.m.: What are the most common Bright MLS violations and how can I avoid them? In this class, we will cover MLS rules and policies that will help you avoid compliance issues and related fines.

In this class you will learn:
◦ How to find the rules and regulations
◦ The most common violations and how you can avoid them in Bright MLS
◦ The appeals process

Event Information

  Zoom, United States
}  May 26, 2022
  Thursday, 09:00 am to 11:00 am
n  Professional Development

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