Risk Management

Even for newly licensed salespersons, the business of real estate carries risk. In residential real estate transactions, you’re responsible for assisting clients in one of the largest purchases of their lives. Clients risk hundreds of thousands of dollars or more. With so much on the line, they rely on your expertise to help them make well-informed decisions. In addition, people invest not just their money in a real estate purchase; they invest their emotions and their family’s well-being in these transactions. When things go wrong, they look to their real estate representative as the cause first.

The scope of risk can cover a variety of areas. Within Virginia Post-Licensing: Risk Management course, we examine the risks involved in property disclosures, licensing, agency, contracts, antitrust, and fair housing. In addition, we look at how to manage these risks in comparison to the potential rewards you can achieve.

Instructor: Tara Houston

PL Risk Management

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}  February 24, 2022
  Thursday, 10:00 am to 01:00 pm
n  Professional Development

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