The Anatomy of the House

The Anatomy of the House

Wednesday, August 3rd, 2022 | 10:00 AM-11:00 AM

$20 Active PWAR Members | $30 Guests
Credits: 2hr CE Elective | 2hr PL Current Industry 


In taking this 2hr CE/PL approved course agents will be provided with the basic components of a house from a Home Inspectors point of view. 


  • Structural and framing technology 
  • Mechanical Systems 
  • Common Issues and defects
  • Types of Wire (Aluminum, Copper, Tinned Copper, Old) 
  • House Support (Foundations, Basements, and Crawl Space
  • Floor Support
  • Types of Insulation

And much more!



Seth Hurlbert

Seth Hurlbert


Meet your instructor, Seth Hurlbert! All Seth’s life he has been taking things apart, figuring out what was wrong, repairing it, and putting it back together.  He used to work on everything from small equipment like lubrication injectors and pumps, to air compressors that were larger than a truck. He has done repairs both in his own home and for other people since he was a teenager. So when he needed a change in career, home inspecting seemed like a great fit.

He likes doing inspections because he is always meeting new people and learning new things.  Even after 15 years in the business he’s seeing new and interesting things all the time!  The best part of being an inspector is helping his clients really understand the home they are investing in.  Sometimes it’s pristine, and sometimes it’s not, but at least they know what they are getting into.  He enjoys talking with his clients and explaining not only what is found at the inspection, but also how their new home works. He feels that he is really helping his clients and that his work is important and appreciated.

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