I’m not receiving PWAR emails. Who can look into this for me?

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Contact Amanda Webster, Events & Marketing Director at or 703.565.0033. We send out our email through a third party provider, MailChimp. Timely information regarding membership dues, classes, events and other PWAR announcements will be sent through this provider – please be sure to stay subscribed to our communications to ensure your receipt.

What does PWAR do?

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In addition to our education and networking programs, PWAR provides a personalized touch. It looks at every member as an individual, and tailors its programs to benefit the entire membership, while maintaining a professional and personl relationship with every member. PWAR also advocates for your benefit.

Why does PWAR matter?

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PWAR aspires to help its members through professional development, in the form of: premium continuing education and post-licensing courses, networking events, and upholding the National ethics standard. Helping members is PWAR's sole purpose.

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