The session of the General Assembly is entering its fifth week. Virginia REALTORS are tracking more than 115 proposals in the House and the Senate. The bills fall into one of three categories. VAR Supports the Bill, VAR Opposes the Bill or VAR will seek to Amend the legislation.

This process continues through the General Assembly session until February 13 when the bills that have passed the House go to the Senate for consideration, and all the bills from the Senate go to the House for consideration.

This being an even numbered year the General Assembly will be in session for 60 days. In odd numbered years the session is 30 days.

Some bills in the House are supported by the Virginia REALTORS such as House Bill 352, HB 383, HB 467, HB 634, HB 876, HB 917. In the Senate Virginia REALTORS  are supporting SB 213, SB 308, SB 330, SB 354, SB 358, SB 437, SB 526, SB 576

These bills were introduced by Delegates and Senators with a history of supporting the changes Virginia REALTORS seek to make to the laws regarding real estate ownership, transactions and property management. The changes make the laws easier to understand or to address specific problems brought to Virginia REALTORS by members.

Upcoming dates and deadlines are listed below.

February 13: Crossover (otherwise known as the half-way point of the session when all bills must be acted on in their body of origin).

February 18: “Budget Sunday,” when the House and Senate money committees will recommend their proposed budgets.

March: Final day of session, otherwise known as Sine Die.

April 17: Reconvened/Veto session, where legislature returns to act on Governor’s amendments and vetoes.

July 1: Effective date for legislation and budget unless otherwise specified.



John DiBiase
Government Affairs Director
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