Bright is launching a new update to that sets the stage for a more intelligent and more powerful MLS to drive your business forward, now and into the future.

This update introduces a brand-new way of accessing all the things that are most important to you in your MLS called Workspaces.
Workspaces, which will be available in your new Bright MLS dashboard, help organize all the critical information your business depends on.
  • A new MLS number search bar directly on your Workspace
  • Your personal alerts in a larger, easier to scan format
  • The widgets and information you know and use today
Try it now at
Try thisnew Workspace, using your current login and information at All of your contacts, saved searches and listings are available in that space.
Beginning in early February, all subscribers will be moving to the new experience exclusively. It’s critical you login and see the new space so you are comfortable prior to the switch.
5 Things to know about your new Bright Workspace
In early February you will begin using the new Bright Workspace every time you log in to You can get to know this new space now and even use it to do your day-to-day MLS tasks. Here are 5things to know:
  1. Access the new experience at
  2. Login using your current Bright login information.
  3. Explore the navigation to make sure you know where to search for an access your information.
  4. Anything you do in the new site will show in the current site as well. Complete your regular tasks and work as you would in the current version of Bright.
  5. Tell Bright what you think! Click the Feedback button at the top of your Workspace.