Member Alert: DocuSign data breach

//Member Alert: DocuSign data breach

Member Alert: DocuSign data breach

Please be aware if you utilize services provided by DocuSign that they have reported a significant data breach. Below is a copy of the Information Security Alert that was sent out.

Memo: Information Security Alert – DocuSign Email Address Compromise
Attention: All Users Who Use/Rely on eSignature Services such as DocuSign

We want to alert you to the emerging threat of phishing attacks spoofing eSignature service providers. This week, eSignature service provider DocuSign reported a breach of its database containing customer email addresses, which resulted in those email addresses being targeted by phishing attacks. Users of email generally should be alert to the risk of phishing emails.

What caused the increased threat?

  • DocuSign reported a breach of its database containing customer email addresses. DocuSign reported that no other customer information was compromised by the breach, and only people with a DocuSign account were impacted by this incident. Anyone who signed a document without a DocuSign account was not impacted.

Why is this important, and what does it mean for me?

  • Attackers have been targeting the stolen email addresses with spam and targeted phishing emails “spoofing” the DocuSign brand. The goal of these spoofed emails is to trick the email recipients into opening an email attachment that, when opened, would infect the email recipient’s systems with malware.
  • The malware could allow an attacker to infiltrate the user’s computer and give an attacker access to the computer’s contents, including personal data.
  • You should take steps to protect your assets from this particular instance of malware. Also, your employees must be vigilant to avoid falling victim to phishing emails.
  • DO NOT open a suspicious email. An email may appear suspicious because you don’t recognize the sender, weren’t expecting a document to sign, the email contains misspellings (like “” without an ‘I” or, or the email contains a suspicious attachment or directs you to a fraudulent link.
  • DO NOT open a questionable email attachment. DocuSign will only direct you to links starting with or

What actions should I perform at work and home?

Additional Information:
DocuSign is reporting on this incident at You may access the most recent DocuSign updates there.

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