School Policies

REGISTRATION: All fees must be prepaid. PWAR accepts American Express, Discover, MasterCard and VISA credit cards and checks can be made payable to PWAR. Registrations will not be processed if the correct payment amount is not submitted.

ATTENDANCE POLICY: Class will begin promptly at the time noted. Students may not miss more than 15 minutes per module. Students missing more than 15 minutes of class will be automatically disqualified from receiving class CE/PL credit. Those students who have paid but have missed more than the allotted 15 minutes are welcome to sit in but will not receive CE/PL credit for that module. Moreover, if a student is disqualified because they are late or misses more than 15 minutes, no refund will be granted.

PAYMENT POLICY:   Payments must be made at the time the reservation is made. If the payment is not made at that time, the student is subject to losing the reservation if the course should sell out. Any registration received without full payment is not guaranteed a seat until payment is made in full.

RETURNED CHECK POLICY: Any member whose check does not clear will be subject to a $50 returned check fee. If a member is paying by check less than 3 days prior to a class, credits will not be reported until the check clears.

CANCELLATION AND REFUND POLICY:  Cancellation requests (written or phoned) will be accepted through 4:30 pm three (3) business days preceding each class. All paid tuition will be refunded. A credit on your PWAR account will be given for cancellations made after the close of business on that day.

RESCHEDULING OF CLASSES:  If a class, for any reason, has to be rescheduled, students will automatically be moved to the new class date and notified via email. If the student cannot attend, they must notify PWAR in advance for the Cancellation and Refund Policy to apply.

CLASSROOM RESTRICTIONS: No tape recorders or recording devices are permitted in the classroom. All phones need to be put on silent. 

VIRTUAL/ONLINE POLICY: Camera must be on/stay on, and student visible, in order to qualify for class credit. If camera is not on, and student is not visible, they will not receive class credit. (Students may turn their camera off briefly to go to the restroom, grab coffee , water etc.- no more than 15 minutes during a class. See also Attendance Policy)

Driving during a virtual class is prohibited. If a student is observed driving, they will be automatically removed from the class, and will not be allowed reentry.

Test your internet video (camera) and audio connections before class by joining a test meeting at

To increase the clarity of the audio, you may want to use headphones or earplugs vs. the speakers on your device.

Be sure your device is fully charged.

If you do experience technical issues (camera or audio not working only – not Zoom login) that you can’t quickly resolve, please contact Brandy at 703-565-0036

If you can’t resolve the technical issues of video or audio before the class starts, or are unable to log into the class, contact

CE/PL POSTING:   PWAR will make every attempt to forward CE/PL credits within 5 business days following each module. However, VREB may take a little longer to get those credits posted. Please allow one week from the date of the class for credit to be posted on the VREB website. If you are facing an impending license expiration (i.e. this month) it is not recommended that you rely on these credits for renewal purposes. PWAR will not refund class registrations based on delays in CE/PL reporting. We recommend that you keep diligent records for yourself on all CE/PL classes you take. We further recommend that you become familiar with the process for checking your credits online at

COURSE CANCELLATIONS: To prevent course cancellation, please register early. Courses are subject to cancellation if the minimum enrollment for a course is not met. CE/PL classes are subject to cancellation 24 business hours in advance if not met. Designation and certification courses are subject to cancellation 48 business hours in advance if not met.  If a course has been cancelled, you will receive a notification e-mail with instructions on how to receive a refund. You can then enroll in a different course.

SNOW / INCLEMENT WEATHER POLICY:   If Prince William County Schools cancel classes PWAR will cancel its scheduled classes. If Prince William County Schools delay its classes, PWAR will cancel the morning class. If Prince William County Schools close early, PWAR will cancel the afternoon classes. Please watch the morning news programs to learn about any cancellations or delays. PWAR will make all reasonable attempts to contact those students who are registered for a class to notify them of any cancellations in advance. Please be certain that PWAR has your e-mail address and daytime and evening phone numbers when you register. PWAR will make every attempt to post on the website about any cancellations.

DISABILITIES: In our commitment to the Americans with Disabilities Act, we would like to know if you have any disabilities which require special accommodations, including the provision of auxiliary aids and services. If so, please contact PWAR as soon as possible to expedite any special arrangements.

STANDBY POLICY: Once classroom space for any course of the REALTOR® Institute Program has been filled, registrations for the course will be accepted on a standby basis only. Policy pertaining to the processing of standby registrations is as follows:

  1.   As standby registrations are received, the registrant is assigned a standby number on a first-received, first-served basis. This number indicates the registrant’s position in line for any openings that may occur in the course.
  2.  Any standby registrant not contacted prior to the session is to assume that class openings are not available. All tuition payments will be promptly returned at the end of the module.
  3.  If on the day of the module, there are registrants who do not show up for the course, standby registrants who are present will be admitted in order according to their position on the standby list.