Message from your President  

We are thrilled to announce a development that will undoubtedly shape the future of our association. Brace yourselves for the news – our headquarters has been sold, and the process was nothing short of lightning-fast! This incredible achievement not only demonstrates the desirability of our prime location but also highlights the strong reputation and influence our association holds in the market. The sale of our headquarters signifies the beginning of a new era for our association.  

 The rapid sale of our headquarters is a testament to the unwavering dedication and hard work of our association members. It is your commitment, passion, and unwavering support that has propelled us to this remarkable achievement. This success belongs to each one of you, as you have played an integral role in building our association into the influential force it is today. 

 As we bid farewell to our iconic headquarters, we must also embrace the exciting opportunities that lie ahead. We are now presented with a blank canvas to reimagine our physical presence and create a space that truly reflects our association’s vision and values.  

 Rest assured, this monumental change will not disrupt the exceptional services and support that our association provides. We remain fully committed to serving our members with the same level of dedication and excellence that you have come to expect. Our new headquarters was carefully chosen to ensure convenience, accessibility, and a seamless transition. 

 So, let us celebrate the bright future that awaits us. The sale of our headquarters is not an ending but rather a thrilling new beginning, filled with endless possibilities and boundless potential. 

 Thank you for being a part of this incredible journey. Together, we will continue to make history and shape the destiny of our association. 

 Exciting times lie ahead! Click HERE for more details on our move.

Warmest regards, 

Beth Grant 

Association President