The National Association of REALTORS® is warning its members to be aware of a fraudulent email circulating under the subject line “Register for the 2019 REALTORS Conference.” The email address says it is from, but displays as if it was from NAR.

If you receive the email, NAR encourages you to take a screenshot of it and file a report about it to the FBI IC3 website. Do not click on the links. After you take the screenshot, delete the email.

If you have clicked on the email, alert your IT department immediately to protect your devices from malware.

NAR has reported the email scam to the FBI.

One sign of the email’s fraudulent nature is that the subject line does not include the registration mark after the word REALTORS®. Emails from NAR will always include the mark. Scammers may include it, so recipients should always be alert to verify the email using the address and other information, but if it is not there, it is not an official NAR communication.

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