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As a REALTOR®, it’s important you have a personal safety protocol in place that you use every day with every client, like when meeting new clients, showing properties or sharing information online. There are a variety of tools you can add to your personal safety protocol, such as the smartphone apps and safety products listed here.

September 2021


To help remind us to know the dangers we face every day, to be aware of our surroundings, and empower ourselves with precautions and preparations so that we can avoid risky situations, and as part of NAR’s ongoing efforts to keep our members safe, every year we dedicate September to safety efforts. While September has been designated REALTOR® Safety month, it’s important to keep safety top of mind all year round, which is why NAR has developed REALTOR® Safety materials for use throughout year, including:

  • A Safety course in classroom and online format—the online course format is available for you here below.
  • Webinars on REALTOR® Safety, presented by industry experts—the archived webinars are available for you here below.
  • Articles, reports, presentations, videos, weekly social media tips, web banners, flyers, and other resources are available for REALTORS®, associations, and brokerages on the REALTOR® Safety Program section of NAR’s web site.

REALTOR® Safety Program

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Realtor Safety Tips

Realtor Safety Tips

Want more tips? Here is a list of several important ones! Tip #1 Keep it light Show properties before dark. If you are going to be working after hours, advise your associate or first-line supervisor of your schedule. If you must show a property after dark, turn on all...