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Remine Docs+

We have exciting news to share and want you to be among the first to know! As a current subscriber of Lone Wolf’s Instanet platform through your PWAR member benefit, you recognize the value of an end-to-end solution for digital forms, e-signing and transaction management.

Because our contract with Lone Wolf expires at the end of this year, a work group comprised of leadership, staff, and member representatives was convened to review possible alternatives and make recommendations to the Board of Directors.

The group analyzed options from four vendors and ultimately recommended Remine Docs+ as the most reliable, innovative, future-focused platform. We are pleased to offer this valuable new benefit to our members. And we think you will be, too!

We believe that Remine not only offers the features that you need, but also drives the industry forward and has the potential to continue to evolve and innovate.

The Docs+ platform is positioned for the future of real estate, and offers the following capabilities: transaction management, e-signature, document creation, multi-party collaboration, customizable form collections, form pre-population, broker forms and MLS clauses. Fully integrated with Bright MLS, Docs+ is the most useful platform to PWAR agents and brokers in negotiating and drafting contracts. It automates and handles administrative tasks so that you can focus on growing your business and serving your clients.

In the coming weeks, you can expect to see more details about this new member benefit from PWAR, including informational and training opportunities. Please check your emails, visit, and follow us on social media.

We anticipate a Sept. 1 launch of the PWAR Docs+ benefit, with a transition period through Dec. 31. During that time, both platforms will be available to you.

For now, continue using the Instanet platform for your forms, e-signature and transaction needs.

While Remine does plan to transfer your archived transaction file PDFs from Lone Wolf, we recommend that current subscribers export and download any files from the Instanet platform that you wish to keep.


Click Here to Log-In to Instanet

Welcome to your new REALTOR® Association of Prince William member benefit – TransactionDesk!

  • TransactionDesk includes online forms, cloud-based document storage and transaction management, all in one platform.
  • You can add Authentisign electronic signatures, at a special price through MRIS. Once purchased, it will automatically be linked to your TransactionDesk account and you can immediately use the new features.
  • TransactionDesk works on virtually any popular device, with any popular browser – PCs, MACs, phones and tablets.
  • The NVAR form library is included and you can add the VAR forms via the shopping cart in TransactionDesk.

Here are some links to some training videos and resources:

TransactionDesk Introduction (2 minutes)
TransactionDesk Introduction (7 minutes)

Live webinars are also available.

Want more resources? Click here for the TransactionDesk Release Notes!

To login, please go to the login page and fill-in the registration page. Please note, you’ll need your PWAR login credentials to complete the registration. This member benefit is FREE for PWAR members. Add-ons such as Authentisign can be purchased for a fee.

NOTE: Be sure you have /pwar at the end of the web address Some devices are directing to /login which asks for completely different credentials.

Need assistance navigating Instanet? Contact their support line at 1.800.668.8768

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