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Welcome to the REALTOR® Association of Prince William Advocacy Page.  Membership with PWAR provides you with the tools to reach your full potential as a real estate professional. An important component of your membership is becoming involved with the association’s advocacy efforts. 

What is advocacy?

According to Webster’s dictionary advocacy is the act or process of supporting a cause or proposal.  For REALTORS® advocacy is supporting the members through our collective action to promote and promote YOUR interests before local, state, and federal governments. 

How does PWAR conduct advocacy?

PWAR builds and maintains relationships with elected officials, regardless of political party affiliation, to promote and protect REALTOR® interests in Prince William, Richmond and Washington D.C. Advocacy efforts are a combination of member involvement, supporting candidates for election and re-election, and lobbying government officials.

Why does PWAR need to promote and protect our interests?

Real Estate transactions account for more than $1.15 Trillion Dollars of economic activity representing more than 6 percent of the Gross Domestic Product.  A healthy real estate sector is critically important to the overall health of the United States economy.  The vast scale of the real estate economy makes it a target for legislative and regulatory proposals on every component of the transaction.  This scrutiny creates legislative and regulatory proposals that might be harmful to your business.  It is our local, state, and federal advocacy efforts that identify harmful from helpful.  REALTOR® advocacy means supporting the helpful and defeating the harmful.

PWAR Member Advocacy Checklist

  • Are you registered to vote? Registration Link
  • Do you plan to vote in the next election?
  • Did you act?
  • Have you invested in RPAC?

Receive more information on the Legislative Small Group


PWAR Broker Advocacy Checklist


The Broker Involvement Program

An effective way for broker owners and managing brokers to support PWAR’s advocacy efforts is to be part of NAR’s Broker Involvement Program

The Broker Involvement Program provides you with a quick and effective tool, no downloads, no cost, and you control access through the Broker Portal.

The Broker Involvement Program sets you apart from other participants in federal Calls for Action by branding the message from you, the broker-owner.  NAR research shows that nearly 40 percent of all responses on the Broker Calls for Action are from agents in the Broker Involvement Program. Your agents respond to your requests to take action!


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