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Get involved by joining hundreds of thousands of your colleagues nationwide who agree that RPAC is the best investment you can make to influence your profession’s long term growth, the stability of the real estate industry and the stability of our communities.

Being a REALTOR® ensures that you have the tools to succeed as you build your career as a real estate professional.  Access to educational opportunities, discounted technology products and special member pricing on new vehicles from Jeep, RAM, Chrysler, FIAT and Alfa Romeo are just a few of the member benefits. One special member benefit is specifically designed to promote and protect your business, the REALTOR® Political Action Committee (RPAC).

RPAC has one mission: investing in candidates for elected office who advance public policies to promote and protect strong communities, private property interests and a vibrant business environment.

What is RPAC?

RPAC is a voluntary political action committee that identifies and invests in candidates for office who support the public policy goals of the REALTORS®.  RPAC is run by volunteer REALTOR® leaders from across the nation.  These REALTORS® determine which candidates would best help promote and protect the REALTOR® agenda at the local, state and federal levels.

By supporting the campaigns of candidates who understand your business, RPAC ensures that your interests are represented when legislation, ordinances, and regulations are being debated.  RPAC is powered by voluntary financial investments from REALTORS® and affiliates. These resources support campaigns of candidates whose voting records, decisions and policy positions are compatible with REALTORS® and property owners.  Candidates who are supported by RPAC undergo a rigorous vetting process conducted by REALTOR® volunteers at the local, state and federal levels.

What does RPAC do?

RPAC provides the financial resources to build relationships with elected officials at the local, state and federal levels.  These resources are distributed by REALTOR® volunteers who are politically active and understand the need to promote and protect the REALTOR® public policy agenda. RPAC investments are made without regard to political party affiliation.  RPAC is operated by REALTORS® for REALTORS®.

How does RPAC make candidate decisions?

RPAC decision makers are part of the association committee system.  Working in concert with their colleagues on the public policy committees, RPAC evaluates candidates for election and reelection based on the level of support of the REALTORS® public policy objectives on the local, state and federal level.  RPAC evaluation criteria does not include party affiliation or candidate positions on issues outside the real estate business.

What do RPAC endorsed candidates support?

  • Promoting and protecting Virginia’s quality of life.
  • Protecting property values and promoting property rights.
  • Promote policies that help REALTORS® protect, sustain and expand their businesses.

Why PWAR needs RPAC investments

Ensuring RPAC has the resources to promote and protect REALTOR® interests requires maximum member participation.  The costs of running an effective political campaign are escalating each election cycle.  RPAC needs to provide additional resources to keep pace. Investing in RPAC is investing in candidates who share our REALTOR® values, who embrace American prosperity based on the American Dream of homeownership.  In short investing in RPAC is investing in your career as a real estate professional.

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