Please note that Microsoft will soon end its support for Internet Explorer (IE). Because of this, Internet Explorer will no longer receive major updates or patches to add the latest security and functionality that supports complex web apps. Regular security updates help protect devices, so upgrading and staying current is important. Using an unsupported internet browser creates a potential risk to your data.

Due to this situation, SentriLock can no longer develop for functionality on Internet Explorer (IE), as we cannot ensure our users’ experience when using IE. Developing for a web browser that is no longer supported only hinders our ability to deliver the reliability and functionality our users deserve. By focusing support on the latest versions of web browsers and operating systems, SentriLock is operating in line with industry standards to provide a safer, faster, and more productive user experience.

What you can do to prepare: Upgrade to the latest Microsoft Internet browser or download Chrome or Firefox.

For more information on Internet Explorer (IE) end of support, please visit Microsoft’s website.