In 2022, SentriLock deprecated their physical SentriCard as a means to access the key compartment on lockboxes. However, if you were the owner of a non-bluetooth lockbox, you could still use the card for maintenance functions.


This year, on March 31st, 2024, SentriLock will be completing the deprecation process and finally sunsetting the SentriCard even for maintenance functions.


This update centers around whether boxes that you own are Bluetooth-enabled boxes. If you own Bluetooth lockboxes, you can already maintenance your boxes with the SentriKey app and have no need for a SentriKey at all.


If you own NON-BLUETOOTH lockboxes, seen in the image below on the LEFT, beginning March 31st, you will not be able to perform any maintenance functions. While the box key compartments can still be accessed by showing agents, SentriLock can no longer provide support if the box requires maintenance.

Letter from Sentrilock:

Dear Valued Customer:

Over the past several years, SentriLock has communicated our intent to deprecate the SentriCard®. This note is to confirm the final deprecation will occur effective March 31st, 2024.


What this means to you:

Once the SentriCard® is deprecated, users will NOT be able to use their SentriCard® with lockboxes. Please be aware that this includes Association Administrators, along with lockbox ownership assistant cards.

All non-BLE lockboxes in the field as of March 31st, 2024, will be frozen in time with respect to their settings.

All non-BLE lockboxes will continue to function with MAC codes and can be assigned to listings, but can no longer be managed via SentriCard®


Why Are SentriCards® Being Deprecated?

  • Industry-wide difficulty acquiring key components that go into smart cards.
  • An inability to develop new, highly desirable features that will work with smart cards.
  • The natural migration of customers to the superior Bluetooth® connectivity and app-only environment.

As a technology company, we take pride in always keeping a keen eye toward the future, while staying firmly committed to providing the best overall customer experience. The result of this approach means that some technologies must be retired as newer, more efficient solutions become available.


If you have any questions or need assistance, please let me know and I will be happy to assist.