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Get Involved and Make a Difference!

Joining a PWAR Small Group has always been a great way to make new contacts, learn about the new trends in the industry, and have a hand in shaping the Association’s direction. If you’d like to get more involved with PWAR by participating on a Small Group or simply have some great ideas you’d like to see implemented, please complete this application.

Return on Investment

  • Knowledge: From industry news to legislative efforts, if you want to be in the know, volunteering is a great way to start.
  • Networking: Real estate is a people business. The more REALTORS® you meet, the easier business will be.  Let PWAR be your platform for networking with agents and brokers.
  • Leadership Training: You will be exposed to different leadership styles and opportunities to chair committees and task forces.  Many group leaders pursue election to the PWAR leadership team.
  • Making an Impact: By becoming involved, you will make a lasting impact on your Association.

Your Commitment

  • Time: Serving on a PWAR Small Group can take one to two hours a month depending upon the projects.
  • Thought: It all begins with an idea. A good brainstorming session is the starting point of everything from education seminars to event themes. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box.
  • Salesmanship: Volunteers are given the opportunity to represent the Association in your office.
  • Respect: Leadership, members, and staff have one mission – To work for the good of the Association.

PWAR Small Groups

The mission of the Awards Small Group is to continue to celebrate the PWAR Top Producing Agents. During meetings the group will discuss changes to criteria and protocol, and review award applications that are submitted.
Budget & Finance
The Budget and Finance Small Group maintains the fiscal stability and long-term economic health of the Association. The Group oversees that financial planning for the Association is supportive of and fully integrated with the long-range plans and mission of the Association. The Group provides oversight of fiscal management and  guidance to those responsible for the  Association’s day-to-day operations.
Community Outreach
The Community Outreach Small Group will serve to facilitate community outreach efforts on behalf of the PWAR membership. The group will decide upon and execute at minimum one community service project per year. The project(s) may change from year to year, to be decided upon by the group.
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI)
This group aims to promote and develop a culture of collaboration and inclusion in the Association. The group interprets diversity as embracing and respecting all races, nationalities, colors, creeds, religions, age, disabilities, veteran status, sexual orientation, gender identity, or associational preference. The group works towards greater representation of those currently underrepresented in the Association.

Click here to visit the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Group Page.

The purpose of the governance group is to insure the associations operations, financial viability and strategic direction. The Small Group reviews policy manuals, Bylaws and recommends changes to the Board of Directors as needed.
The Grievance Small Group conducts preliminary investigations and evaluations of ethics complaints and arbitration requests as required to determine whether the validity and substance of the ethics complaint or arbitration request warrant further consideration by a Hearing Panel of the Professional Standards Committee.

Meetings: Second Tuesday of each month, as needed

Professional Standards & Arbitration (PSA)
The Professional Standards Group is responsible for conducting hearings in matters involving alleged ethical misconduct by Association members or to provide arbitration facilities as requested. Special training and experience are required.

Meetings: As needed.

The Legislative Small Group develops PWAR’s advocacy and public policy strategies at the state and local levels. The group serves as a liaison to our local and state elected officials. Group members are responsible for evaluating and recommending candidates for election or reelection.  The group also plans and participates in a trip to Richmond for lobbying activities during REALTOR® Day on the Hill.
An Ombudsman is a point of contact for members and the public who have a complaint that may be an ethical issue, an arbitration request, a violation of the public, or professional action or inaction complaint. Special training and experience are required.
Professional Development (Education)
The Professional Development Small Group is charged with providing education opportunities for members’ personal development, growth, and success in their profession. Creativity, excitement, meeting member needs, and focusing on the future must be considered. This group plans, promotes, and implements several educational programs, including professional designations, licensing renewal courses, and special seminars throughout the year.
REALTORS® Professional Advocacy Committee (RPAC)
The REALTORS®  Professional Advocacy Committee raises financial resources to help elect local government officials. The group develops PWAR’s fundraising plans and financial goals.  The group serves as a liaison to the leadership team and Legislative Small Group to ensure that PWAR’s fundraising goals are met each year, that our participation numbers achieve the 37% level, and that our Major Investors levels are met. Group members are responsible for evaluating and recommending candidates for funding election or reelection.  The group also participates in a trip to Richmond for lobbying activities during REALTOR® Day on the Hill.
Young Professionals Network

The main responsibilities of the group include organizing events and activities that foster connections among the YPN, such as networking mixers, educational workshops, and industry panel discussions. These events provide a platform for young professionals to meet and collaborate with their peers, exchange ideas, and gain valuable insights from experienced Realtors.