MLS rules are regularly reviewed and updated based on subscriber feedback to ensure an open, clear, and competitive marketplace, which includes timely, accurate, and complete listing information. We have recently updated Bright’s Rules to make it easier to find the information you need and clarify the offer of showings and standardize reporting times.

To give everyone time to understand what has changed, these updates will take effect on July 1, 2022.

Here’s what has been updated:

Shifting to calendar day timeframes for making updates to listings

As real estate business often occurs outside the traditional 9-5, Monday-Friday work week, the phrase “business days” can be confusing. Bright is also open and accessible 7 days a week. We are updating Bright’s Rules to standardize reporting time frames from business days to calendar days which includes weekends and holidays.

Rules impacted: 1.11 Updating Listing Information and 2.6 Maintaining Documentation

Expanding rule 1.12.1 Showings and Negotiations

Rule 1.12.1 contains revised language that states “Listing Brokers must make Showings equally available to all Subscribers and may not misrepresent the availability of showings or access to the property.”

Stating that showings are to begin on a certain date or held at a certain time, but holding showings in the interim, is considered misrepresenting the availability. Similarly, if showings do not begin on the date stated for the listing in the MLS, this is also considered misrepresenting the availability.

Note: In accordance with Rule 1.11, changes to showing availability for a listing must be updated within the Bright platform within 2 calendar days.

Want to learn more about these updates?

Bright’s Accuracy & Policy team will cover these updates in upcoming Accuracy Matters webinars starting with our June 8 session.