If you own NON-BLUETOOTH lockboxes, seen in the image below on the LEFT, beginning March 31st, you will not be able to perform any maintenance functions. While the box key compartments can still be accessed by showing agents, SentriLock can no longer provide support if the box requires maintenance.


Give your lockboxes an upgrade and Save $50! 


If you’re interested in upgrading your NON-BLUETOOTH SentriLock lockboxes to the new SentriGuard lockboxes, take advantage of this limited-time offer.

SAVE $50! For the special price of $60 + plus sales tax, you can upgrade your NON-BLUETOOTH SentriLock lockboxes by upgrading it in for a new SentriGuard lockbox. Simply bring in lockboxes from your inventory that you would like to upgrade, and you’ll walk away with a brand new SentriGuard lockbox!