While some final votes in Virginia 2021 Elections are being tallied, the likely outcomes will bring significant change to Capitol Square in Richmond with Republican sweeps of the statewide races and a new Republican majority in the House of Delegates. Virginia also enters a cycle of closely divided government, with Democrats holding a slim 21-19 majority in the state Senate, which was not up for election this year.

Late breaking momentum helped push Republican Glenn Youngkin to a 50.81% victory over former Democratic Governor Terry McAuliffe (48.42%) and Independent Princes Blanding (0.69%). Tracking the top of the ticket, Republican Winsome Sears beat Democrat Hala Ayala 50.97% to 48.92% to win the Lt. Governor race. In the Attorney General campaign, Republican Jason Miyares defeated incumbent Democrat Mark Herring 50.62% to 49.30%. These are the first Republican statewide election victories in Virginia since 2009. The RPAC of Virginia Disbursement Trustees remained neutral in the statewide contests.

New Executive Agency Leadership

Republican victories will mean significant changes to both personnel and policy objectives of state executive agencies.

New Speaker of the House

The change in party control means a new leadership team. Virginia REALTORS® have existing relationships with the incoming chairs of committees so there is expected to be a smooth transition and a renewed tradition of REALTORS® to working effectively with new leadership.  Early reports out of Richmond suggest that Delegate Terry Kilgore (R-Scott) is gearing up to run for Speaker of the House.

New Committee Chairs

Each of the fourteen standing committees in the House of Delegates will have a new Republican Chair.  Once the Speaker is elected there will be a legislative version of musical chairs as Delegates look to secure prime committee slots. PWAR will monitor the situation as it develops.

PWAR wins 8 out of 8

All the PWAR supported candidates for the House of Delegates won election to an open seat or were reelected.


PWAR Supported Candidates for House of Delegates

Delegate Candi Mundon King (2nd District)

Delegate Danica Roem (13th District)

Delegate Elizabeth R. Guzman (31st District)

Delegate Daniel I. Helmer (40th District)

Open Seat Candidate Michelle Maldonado (50th District)

Open Seat Candidate Briana Sewell (51st District)

Delegate Luke E. Torian (52nd District)

Delegate Suhas Subramanyam (87th District)

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact PWAR’s Government Affairs Director John DiBiase direct line: 571-659-2537 or john@pwar.com