In short, yes. Virginia saw the election of a new House of Delegates and Senate in 2023, with the Federal Government gearing up for elections in November 2024. Looking ahead, the Commonwealth of Virginia is set to elect a new Governor in 2025. Keeping track?

Now, let’s delve into the contenders vying to succeed Congresswoman Abagail Spanberger as the Representative for the 7th Congressional District. Spanberger’s gubernatorial bid for 2025 has sparked a primary election buzz in both party camps.

Outlined below are the candidates organized by their respective party affiliations. Names highlighted in bold denote frontrunners in terms of campaign contributions. While this candidate lineup may undergo changes leading up to the June election, these individuals currently comprise the field. For further details, feel free to visit

Primary Election June 18, 2024
Republican Candidates 7th Congressional District
Derrick Anderson $464,060
Craig Ennis $0
Cameron Hamilton $269,707
Bill Moher $356,570
Jonathon Myers $21,864
John Prabhudoss $100,152
Jeffrey Sacks $0
Terris Todd $11,911

Primary Election June 18, 2024
Democratic Candidates 7th Congressional District
Andrea Bailey $0
Margaret Franklin $122,894
Elizabeth Guzman $43,859
Clifford Heinzer $27,893
Briana Sewell $101,354
Eugene Vindman $2,029,813


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